The Architectural Details of San Antonio

Recently, I took a trip to San Antonio with my family, and we stayed downtown at the Hyatt Recency by the river walk.  We were so glad we stayed there because the location was close to a lot of the attractions and great food.  One of the things I enjoyed most was our river boat cruise.  Around every bend of the river, it seemed like there was another interesting architectural detail on the bridges, and buildings.  In San Antonio, they have worked very hard to preserve as much of the old architecture as possible.  Here are a few of the details that caught my eye.

I loved the brick building with its arches and the reflection of the building on the water.

An old dovecote and the bells.  I wonder how they might have sounded back in the day.

There was a lot of the old stone everywhere.

 Each bridge was different.  This one has the dental molding on the bottom.

 I love the circular pattern of this walkway edging.

 A lot of interesting Gothic style patterning on the base of this building.

Here is another bridge with two different styles.  The upper pattern almost feels disconnected from the lower portion.

 Beautiful Corinthian capital.

 Another view this time of the fancy keystone with rosettes and acanthus leaf details.

Last, the Alamo, look at the details of the old stone pillars, keystone, and transom.  The shape of the top of the building is really interesting as well.

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