How To Design Your Guest Room Like A Luxury Hotel

Recently, I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Springs.  It got me thinking, why not write a blog post about all of the extras that a luxury hotel offers it's guests.  After all, these companies specialize in hospitality.  They provide us with a great guide to designing our own guest rooms.  I found myself looking around our room, taking notes, and pictures too of the design details that created that luxurious feeling.

Here are a few of the things I found to help you design your guest room like a luxury hotel:


1. Starting with the Walls: The walls had lots of texture, and the colors were all neutrals with organic materials.  In the bathroom ,the walls were tiled floor to ceiling, but not all the same tile.  Some was small stone horizontal mosaic, some was larger ceramic tile, there was also a wood wall separating the bath and the bedroom, and of course some painted walls.  The wall with the wood paneling and cornices mimicked wooden shutters and matched the doors that were in a shuttered style.  This same mahogany wood tone was used throughout the room.  By mixing the different materials and textures, it created a modern elegance with an eclectic kind of  feeling.


2. Large Mirrors: The mirrors in the spaces were large over sized with very large framing.  The framing here really added a lot to the design.  The frames were all 5 to 6 inches in width.  The mirrors were all flanked with beautiful sconces.  I also love the idea of putting a floor to ceiling mirror somewhere by the exit so you can check your outfit before you or your guests head out.

3.Lighting: The lighting was all on dimmer switches another great idea.  The opal lamps in the bedroom area had a beautiful basket weave texture and were a great height next to the over-sized headboard.  The sconces next to the two large mirrors also were on dimmers providing nice accent lighting.  

Untitled design (5).png

4. Bedding: The King size bed had a large tufted headboard.  I really liked this because it was quite comfortable to lean against while watching T.V.  I decided to deconstruct the bed and take a look.  The firm mattress was topped with a very nice feather bed.  The feather bed set atop the mattress had an additional stain guard cushion on top of it for easy cleaning.  Next, the sheets and  a covered duvet on top of that.  The bed had a beautiful box pleated skirt and a combination of pillows in different sizes.  The pillows they used here were two Euros in back, followed by two king size pillows and two standards.  The final decorative pillow was a long lumbar pillow in a striped fabric of the headboard also adding a little more pattern to the decor. 

5. Two T.V.s: The T.V.s located in convenient places, one across from the bed, and the second in the bathroom next to the sink for easy viewing from the tub, shower or while getting ready.

6. An espresso maker: The espresso maker was complete with a drawer full of three different kinds of coffee and creamers, fresh waters bottles with the Ritz logo, and cups ready to go. The room also had a water bottle and glass by each side of the bed ready and waiting. 

7. Trays: In the bathroom vanity, a tray with rolled washcloths for easy use.  Another tray with designer glasses, shampoo samples, comb, nail file, and a container with cotton pads and q-tips.  Also in the vanity monogrammed towels with the Ritz logo added another luxurious touch to this bathroom.  Built-in shelving in the bathroom wall by the tub and in the vanity provided extra towels for convenience.  

8. Bathroom Fixtures: Extra deep and long soaking tub located in the shower.  On the shower wall,  a mirror located above the shower handle so you could see yourself while washing your hair.  The hardware in the bathroom was an upgraded heavier quality, with a classic design.  

9. Outside balcony: The balcony had two cushioned rattan chairs, a side table with lantern as well as a view of the Palm Springs hills.  It was a little small, but was a nice extension of the room.

10. Closet Amenities: The closets offered guests plush robes, umbrella, flashlight, and different kinds of hangers both lingerie and standard, shoe polish, security safe, and plenty of space for your shoes.  These are all great ideas of things guests might need while traveling.

11. Final Touches: Belgian chocolates laid out on our bed. Who doesn't love this!  I always love to add a dish of chocolates for guests to snack on too.  By implementing some of these design ideas from the Ritz, you can leave your guests feeling completely pampered and spoiled.

Take care,