Here is a list and description of the staging services available. My goal is to examine your rooms/spaces to discover your home's specific design needs.   We'll create a plan to add accessories, optimize furnishings and traffic flow as well as maximizing curb appeal. Together we'll work to present your home in its best light for optimum sale results. According to a study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), homes that are staged are selling faster and at higher prices than those that are not staged.

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Walk and Talk Consultation

Written Consultation

In this service, I walk through your home, and we talk about what areas need attention,  and I'll  give you my design/staging advice.  I'll also answer any questions you might have.  After our walk and talk consultation, I'll write up a to do list of recommendations with a  helpful checklist for you to complete to get your home ready for sale. 

In a written consultation service, I view and take photographs of your home and property. I create a staging plan for the main rooms and spaces of your home. I’ll also create a written report with design suggestions for you to implement.  You'll receive a helpful checklist of things to complete to stage your home yourself.

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Occupied Staging

Vacant Staging

In this service,  I take a look at your space, then using your home's furnishings create a  detailed staging plan for your rooms.  I may also bring in additional accessories for  maximum staging impact. I help you set the stage to make a great first impression to potential buyers.

This is a complete design service where I design a customized staging plan for your empty property, and it includes everything necessary to complete your home's staging design.  I’ll bring in all the necessary items to make your home look and feel great to potential buyers.