Furniture Space Plan 

Furniture Space Plan Package

Tired of not knowing what size sofa to buy or where to put it?  Let me help you create a furniture space plan to maximize the best traffic flow through your space.  This not only saves you time, but also money because you will know exactly what you need. 

What is the Furniture Space Plan Package?

In this package, after reviewing your design questionnaire, I draw up your floor plan, and furniture/space plan.  I create a custom color palette that is designed with your taste and style in mind.  I also create rendering and elevation views of your space with the new suggested furnishings so you can get an idea of how your room will look with it's new furnishings.  I create a shopping list for furniture with dimensions, and other necessary information to help you purchase exactly what you need.

In your Furniture Space Plan package you will receive:

  •   Custom color palette 

  • Your room’s floor plan

  •  A furniture space plan showing recommended furniture pieces to complete your room

  • 3-4 Wall elevation drawings and renderings of your room

  •  A measurements list of the furnishings necessary to complete your design

  • A Shopping list with details on where to purchase the selected furnishings.

Work with me because:

I have been trained to plan your room to maximize space for optimum comfort.  I can help make the process easier, saving you both time and money!

The price for this package is $699.00/room

Furniture Space Plan
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